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Silence Too Speaks….

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The word silence itself sounds nothing but even when you say nothing, something exists to say nothing.  We also pray in silence.  Our silence is always in affirmative when someone offers you something and placing index finger on your lips indicates that you too need silence from others too.  Sometimes we don’t want to get into trouble when one sees an accident by the roadside but when the police ask about it, everybody remains silent on the issue as it brings trouble.

In fact, silence can allow a user to express a large variety of emotions, convey messages and also use it as a sign of acceptance.

If you say, there is nothing in the glass, the glass is there only then you can say that there is nothing.  In similarity, the world silence can also refer to any absence of communication or hearing.  We have seen that silence is also used as total communication in reference to non-verbal communication and religious connection.

The word silence sounded in my ears by the teachers in the school saying – Silence please – when the students used to talk with each other and not attending to the lectures.

The word was also phrased as – Pin Drop Silence – when something happens serious or the audience is so involved with the discourse by the orator that they don’t feel their existence in the audience and fully attached to the subject matter.

But sometime if you fail to pay close attention to the pause by the speaker to feel you the impact what he has already said, can result in missing a vital part of the message as interpreting the pause with silence is to pay attention as to what next is coming. The speaker is seeking the attention of the audience as he must be going to say something very important next. It also creates a curiosity and increases your thinking power of imaginative thoughts.

But at the same time, you are likely to lose something if you observe silence and don’t speak.  Silence could be golden sometime but you violate the golden rule of silence, it can damage your reputation. For example when your close friend or colleague sometime love to talk about their personal life by taking you in confidence.  Make sure not to discuss on such occasions as sometimes it could be passed on to other persons in confidence.  Only two can keep a secret if one is dead.

One should also make sure not to gossip on colleagues otherwise you could be rounded up in the process of losing goodwill. This does not mean you should be the silent spectator, break your silence with limited words very carefully.

No doubt silence generally means the absence of any kind of noise but it communication it is seen as the absence of speech only. But it has the different meaning on each occasion. And it is more powerful than a bunch of empty words.

At the same time, silence is golden but not always, when required proper communication is also required otherwise silence could be termed as a defeat if a debate on a certain issue is going on.

Frankly speaking, I recollect the incident when we old friends communicated with each other with the quote on silence.  I wrote the famous quotes of Marcus Tullius Cicero – Silence is one of the great arts of conversation on the back of the photograph posted to one of the dearest female friend in our relations which was promptly responded with three words in the same way on one of my old photographs as – Silence too speaks

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