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Lipstick On My Coat….

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The moment if you read the Lipstick word, what comes to your mind is Indian black comedy film – Lipstick Under My Burkha, written and directed by Alankrita Shrivastava and produced by Jha. Though I could not witness this movie but read its reviews as it turned out to be both a critical and commercial hit at the box office but it won the prizes like Spirit of Asia Prize and the Oxfam Award for best film on Gender Equality.

The story goes like that Rihana behind closed doors even as she sews away burkhas that she herself has to hide behind.  She is the one who has to ship lift through her frustrated wishes in life.And the Leela  – a beautician on the verge of marriage, is unrepentant in giving play to her sexual desires. Another character Shireen who does not have ownership over her body and she is reduced to a mere object of lust by her Saudi returned husband and she finds a purpose in life through her surreptitious vocation of being a saleswoman. She can even tell the idea of preventive measures.  It all happens in a building called Hawai Manzil where they are building their own fancy castles in the air.

All this shows that the resistance of these women has to be enduring and they are bound to remain determined and unwavering.

Another thought which comes to one’s mind in Lipstick is that it adds to the beauty of women when used on the lips not of only red color but of a dark color giving a different look and she becomes an eye-catching figure but without Burkha.

But in such a state of affairs, the one problem I can envisage is the reaction of men as none of them comes out with flying colors. Notwithstanding of the natural instinct, they feel insecure, dominant, and sometimes jealous who could not put their hands to fulfill their desires.

Frankly speaking, coming to the title of my this write-up, I cannot forget the episode when I had gone to attend the party as a single – I don’t recollection as to what was the reason behind not taking my spouse – the other half, with me.

It happened so that there was too much rush at the party and one lady in close relations met me there and we had hello, hello. When she met for the second time in the party she slipped on the dancing floor leaving her signatures in red on her lips on my cream color coat. At that moment, I did not notice but when I came to the dining table, one of my friend in a very smiling satirical tone pointed out – Lipstick on my coat.

I finished my dinner quickly and rushed back home looking for a dry cleaning shop to remove it instantly.  I could not get it and reached home but left the coat inside the car. I was in a very embarrassing situation on this episode. But when noticed, as to where is my coat, I made an excuse of the dropping of a dining plate and left it for dry cleaning at the shop.

The first thing I did in the morning was, picked up the car and left the coat with the dry clean shop but the Lipstick under my Burkha – which is no visible but has the ambition to fulfill the desire, still reminds me Lipstick on my Coat.

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