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Let Road Signs Be Your Role Model

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Green Auto Lube quoted the golden words in its ad that it takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road. We should not forget that automobile driver, who has to take care of its every part very carefully while on the road, is not else than a precious human life.

Let me share with you road accidents in the country have decreased by 4.1% during 2016 of total 4,80,652 road accidents as against 5,01,423 in 2015 but the fatalities resulting from these accidents have risen by about 3.2% during the same period. More than1.50 lac persons were killed in 2016 as against 1,46,133 in 2015.  Still there is much to be done to ensure road safety by creating awareness.

Everybody knows that your children are always watching and learning from you and in one’s life, parents are the most important role models in child’s life.  By modeling safe driving habits while you are on the steering, you can avoid passing on the bad habits that could lead to car insurance rates and ensure that when your child occupies your seat and they follow the same safety modes which you had been seen practically by him while he has accompanied you.

To avoid any major or minor accident on the road, it is a decision of fraction of the second which can either save your life or put you to rest.  Now it depends on you as to how you take it lightly or seriously to enjoy the rest of life – RIP – Rest in Peace or Rest in Praise.

So not only to teach your children rather each one should respect the rules of the road with your own actions. It is better if you slow down when necessary for construction or poor road conditions and make sure to always your road signals and wear your seatbelt. Really, simply making a habit of doing all these things consistently will pass on to your children a strong model for safety and good driving.

I have seen losing your temper while you are driving is never a good idea as it distracts you and can lead to major accidents. So keep angry comments to yourself and don’t allow frustration to cause you to do more dangerous things.

Always take an honest look at your driving habits as awareness is the best way to start changing your behavior by comparing it with the prescribed road ethics. It takes hardly a few moments to listen to mobile if the caller is so important of changing of CD after selecting from your car library or feeling to eat something, by making a break by the roadside.  Definitely you will be happy when you land at your destination safely.

Teach your children to drive calmly and avoid distractions by doing so yourself and they will be much more likely to make good decisions when it’s their turn to get behind the wheel.

Frankly speaking, it is said that bad habits are pass on easily but that does not mean that you should continue to do bad things to spoil the whole system. Till such time, Had the driver of the vehicle adopted the road signs as his role model, the major accident could have been avoided, putting a great loss to the family of only bread earner from a small business with no social security of the government in such case,

Everyone has to give something to the new generation and by giving the road signs to adopt as your role models, you will definitely keep the roads safe for the next generation of future.

So far as road safety is concerned, we must respect the past, and mistrust the present, if we wish to provide for the safety of the future.

Over to you! Respect roads by adopting the road signs.

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