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10 Things Every Skinny Person Is Tired Of Hearing

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Skinny people

There are people in our society who are obsessed with losing weight and becoming ‘fit’. And lastly, there are people who are already blessed with a thin stature. While there are some perks to being a thin and skinny person, there are some disadvantages too. Body-shaming has been an integral part of our society, whether it is poking fun at friends, or bullying someone. The extremities of body shaming are faced by either people who are too fat or those who are too skinny. There are some things that all people who face body shaming are tired of hearing. Here are 10 things that every skinny person keeps hearing on a regular basis and is now tired of it.

1. “Kuchh Khati Nhi Hai Na Tu”

Ron Weasley Eating

Yes, I do not eat anything and merely survive on air. Thank you for noticing that I am a human being who survives without food.

2. “Tu kitni lucky hai na re, kuchh bhi kha sakti hai”

Skinny people eating

Bhai, you can also eat anything. There is nothing difficult in that. Just decide what you want to eat, and then either cook it or order it.

3. “Tujhe gym ki kya zaroorat hai?”

Skinny people

Going to the gym is not just about losing weight. It is a personal choice to exercise regularly and staying fit.

4. “Arey dhyaan se, hawa se udd na jaayio”


Worry about yourself, you are cracking the same lame jokes for eons now. How about you come up with something new?

5. “Secret diet pe hai kya?”


No bro, I am not on any SECRET diet. If I was on a diet, I would have told you.

6. “Mereko tere jaisa patla hona hai”


Arey kyu? I am not any superhero that you wish to be like me. I was just born thin and have been thin my entire life, that is it.

7. “Tera weight kitna hai?”

How much do you weigh

Did I ask about your weight? Do you go around ask people their weight normally? Why stereotyping bro?

8. “Tu kya khati hai ki itni patli hai?”


I enjoy all the fried food just as much as the next person does. Stop asking about my diet already.

9. “Tujhe weight gain karne ki zaroorat hai”

Skinny People

Really? Maine poocha?

10. “Bimaar hai kya?”

Mad girl

That is the way I look!

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