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Deepika Reacts On The Vandalization Of The Padmavati Rangoli

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A picture went viral on the internet of a beautiful rangoli of a portrait of Deepika Padukone’s ‘Padmavati’. The artist, Karan K, hails from Surat and put in 48 hours of work to create the masterpiece. The rangoli was truly mesmerizing but there was an incident that broke the charm of the rangoli. A group of protesters vandalized the portrait in the rangoli within minutes. The artist posted pictures of the rangoli and the vandalism on Twitter with a tweet along with the pictures revealing that a crowd of 100 protesters cried out a war cry of Jai Shri Ram and vandalized the work.

After Karan K shared the images on Twitter, he also shared an image of the letter addressed by the staff of the mall to the management, saying that the design of the rangoli design of Padmavati will not be carried out in the future. The images were retweeted by Deepika Padukone along with a series of tweets venting out her anger at the incident. She also tagged Smriti Irani to bring to her notice the details of the horrific incident. She expressed her disgust at the incident and also asked who these people are, wondering how long would this be allowed to go on. She also asked if the officials would let the mob to take law into their own hands and attack the freedom that our Constitution provides as a right.

An organization, Rajputana Seva Sangh, has been protesting against the movie for quite some time now, ever since Sanjay Leela Bhansali started shooting the movie. They are protesting against the shooting of the movie, asking the producers to correct the facts of the movie, threatening that they would not allow the screening of the movie in almost half of the country. They say that the movie is distorting historical facts about Padmavati that they do not find acceptable.

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