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The Manthan of Manthra!!

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Why am I being blamed for Rama’s exile? Why do people think & talk so much negative about me? Why does Bharat who I brought up as my own son, hate me? Why do people of Ayodhya look down upon me and shut their doors when I walk through the streets? Why does Urmila hate me – I did not ask Lakshman to go along with Rama?

Why ?Why ?Why ? …

These questions were breaking me apart. I did not do all this. Some of this was called upon Dashratha himself and the balance was a part of a much larger plot of the Gods. I was just a messenger & I do not understand why people get so excited to shoot the messenger. If not me, it could have been anyone else – a Savitri or a Kavita or any other person, but the Gods chose me to deliver this message for them. All said and done, Gods also have their limitations – they cannot come directly on earth and do whatever they want. They need a vehicle to pass on their message. They need a human form to execute what they desire. It is Their desire to get something done but in the process, it is people like me who get a bad name.

Yes, I love Kaikeyi from the bottom of my heart. I have brought her up as my own child and I have tried to protect her from the evils of this world. She is very innocent and can be easily carried away by people’s evil plans – she is too kind-hearted to see through the ugly plans of people around her. Therefore I took it upon myself that I will always act as a shield and protect her from all the evils. She is the Best & she deserves the best and I will see to it that no one takes away her due right.

I always wished that Kaikeyi should get married to a great King and be his first Queen but wishes are wishes and to my utmost horror she got married to an old King and that too as one of his many wives. The King did not marry her out of love but in the hope that she would bear him a son and give him his heir. There are some things which are in your control and there are some which are out of your control. Marriage with Dashratha was beyond my control but making Kaikeyi use her charm to become the King’s favorite Queen was very much in my control. I taught Kaikeyi all the skills of seducing the King & she learned and practiced all the techniques like a sharp & obedient student. In no time, the King was spending more time with Kaikeyi than Kaushalya & Sumitra. Did I do anything wrong in teaching all these skills to Kaikeyi? No, every mother would have done so to secure a dominating position for her daughter.

Yes I felt angry, when Dashrath decided of coronating Rama as the King and my anger was justified – he had married Kaikeyi with a promise that her son would be the King of Ayodhya but how conveniently he forgot his promise. Kings are not supposed to forget their promises! My anger was not towards Rama, I loved him albeit not as Bharat. I was sure that Rama would’ve made a better King but then who am I to judge a King? I am a mere commoner who wanted the best for her children. I was thinking of ways to remind the King but the Gods were far smarter. They knew that Rama was born for a much higher purpose of eliminating the Rakshasas, however, if he became the King then the entire purpose of his birth would get defeated. Since they directly could not influence anything, they needed a messenger & I do not know why and how I impressed them. Their messenger explained the entire gameplan of the Gods and requested me to devise a scheme wherein Rama not only does not become the King but also is sent to the forest for a larger purpose.Yes, I would be seen as evil in the eyes of the world but I was to do this for the greater good of mankind. I was not at all convinced to take this lifelong blemish on my life but Gods are Gods – they gave me all sorts of emotional reasoning and made me feel important of being part of a heavenly plan to save the planet earth.I fell in their trap – after all, we all are puppets in the hands of God. The idea of getting famous, albeit for wrong reasons, got seeded in my mind. The world would not have even known about Manthara, had I not been the chosen one for this plan . There are millions of maids who die unknown deaths. Here was a chance for me to become famous & immortal. The Gods only reminded me of the boons and suggested that I could use them to the best of my ability.Again, it was none of my faults – I was just executing God’s plan for the benefit of the entire mankind.

Rest all is history which is known to everyone – convincing Kaikeyi was not so difficult and she did exactly as I told her to do. The boons were granted and Rama went on to serve an exile of 14 years. The exile was just a front – the real purpose was to free the planet from bad souls and that’s what Rama did very efficiently. What the God’s did not tell me was that Dashratha would die so soon out of his love for Rama &Lakshman would accompany Rama leaving his newlywed bride Urmila behind. Maybe Gods also were not aware of these events – maybe they underestimated the qualities of mankind.In order to achieve greater things in life, some sacrifices have to be made. Lakshmana & Urmila played their role in the making of Rama as a great savior of mankind.

Had I not agreed to act as per the plan of Gods, Rama’s life would have been an inconsequential one and history would have remembered him just as a good king but it was because of me that Rama is remembered as “ Maryada Purushottam” and the “ Saviour of Mankind “. It is because of me that the planet earth was freed of all Rakshasas and peace & Dharma was restored. I took the blot on my reputation to save the world but It makes me feel sad that the world thinks it otherwise and hates me.

Let the world continue to hate me, it does not matter now because I did what I felt was right & even Rama knows about the truth. He forgave me the moment he came back after fulfilling all that he was supposed to do. He has divine powers, so he knew that I whatever I did was at the behest of Gods.I gave the world the Rama it wanted. My act might go down in history as a selfish act but I & the Gods know the truth & that gives me lot of satisfaction.

Jai Shri Ram !!

“ If the Lions could tell their stories, then the stories of hunting & that of the bravery of the hunter would have a different narration altogether ”

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