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Need Something New For Diwali? Let It Be A Resolve To Let Go Of Outdated Traditions

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India has become a land of outrage and it has become widely accepted too. Each time someone tries to raise a point in India that might be completely logical but might hurt the sentiments of a few, everyone lashes out at that person. The concept of standing united has become a history in our country when we can’t stand behind a united idea of progress. Whether it may be the idea of patriarchy, outdated traditions, or even the idea of increasing pollution, there is outrage all around. Designer Masaba Mentana backed the ban on firecrackers on Diwali and was faced with the wrath of fanatics who accused her of being illegitimate and against Hinduism. The same happened when Twinkle Khanna spoke against the idea of Karwa Chauth and the inequality that it is based upon.


The logic behind both the ideas was simple and understandable. The idea behind the ban on firecrackers was simple common sense, more crackers lead to more pollution, which causes health problems. For the pleasure of a few seconds while the cracker is burning, the pollution in the air stays for quite a while. The logic behind the outdated tradition of Karwa Chauth is a bit more complex. The festival revolves around the idea of a wife fasting for the long life of her husband, not eating anything all day. The message that it sends is that the life of a man is more important than the health of his wife. The message sent to future generations would be that man is more important than a woman in a society that preaches equality.

This Diwali, maybe it is time to let go of these outdated traditions that prefer someone over the other and pave way for the newer traditions to enter our society. Let us support the ban on crackers and breath a bit easier. Maybe in older times, when the population was small and the pollution in the atmosphere was less, crackers seemed to be a good way to celebrate Diwali, but with the urbanization, we can no longer afford to let more smoke enter our precious and depleting atmosphere.


This Diwali let us not burn crackers but let us join together to burn these outdated traditions up in smoke.

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