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Diwali Special: 5 Ways To Celebrate Diwali In A Fun And Safe Way

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It is the Festival of Lights, an opportunity for everyone to come together and share their happiness with each other. Gifts and sweets are exchanged between friends, coworkers, and family. Diwali is all about celebrations, love, and enjoyment, without sparing any kind of expense. Everyone loves to celebrate the festival with a huge zeal and reminisce about the years that have gone by filled with memories. Scattered family members reunite to celebrate this auspicious festival. Business owners celebrate a growth in their income, while the people in the service industry enjoy long holidays. As the income of our society grows, the hobbies, and consequently the expenses, also grow. On the occasion of Diwali, people spend lavishly on various activities.


However, there are some ways in which people can be smart about the way they can spend the money. There will be an expenditure on the occasion, no doubt, but there are ways in which this expenditure can prove itself to be either a good investment or can also lower the cost per use of the items. These ways are for all the people who wish to be smart about the way they spend their money this Diwali.

Fairy Lights


Diyas play a huge part in the celebration of Diwali. However, maintaining the lighted diyas can be a cumbersome task. They have to be refilled from time to time with oil and their wicks have to be changed too. There is a smarter way to light up your homes. Urbanization has made people busy and no one has enough time to keep the candles and diyas lit all night. There is a better way to bring light to your home. Using fairy lights has become quite a trend these days and being electrically powered, they are reusable. Diyas can be used at the footsteps of the entry to houses but the walls and the balconies of houses can be brought to color with the help of fairy lights.



If diyas were an integral part of Diwali, crackers happen to be just as important. They symbolize a person’s happiness and there is a smile on everyone’s face when they burst crackers. However, we all know that the morning after Diwali is hidden with smog. This makes densely populated areas harder to live in and there is a general regret among the people when it comes to going back to their normal lives. Everyone knows that they cannot stop bursting crackers on Diwali altogether. But one can reduce the number of crackers that he/she buys this year. Not only will this save the environment, but also serve as a method to save money.



There is a darker side to the celebration of the festival of lights. People gather together and gamble while playing games. Losing more often than winning, sometimes they also indulge in alcoholism. There is a safer way to enjoy the feeling of gambling while removing the issue of loss. The people losing can invest the amount of the bet into a mutual fund or some other small investment plan in the name of the person who won the bet, which can help keep the money secure and also yield a good amount of money after some time.

Shopping Practically


When it comes to the celebration of Diwali, people often go shopping for new clothes. More often than not, they end up buying a set of clothes that is well-suited for the festival but remains unused for the rest of the year. Instead of shopping like this, you can  buy new clothes that you can wear in everyday use too. This would not only help prevent wastage of money but will also increase the quality of your wardrobe.



If you have extra, there is no harm in helping out someone in need. There are still many people who wish to celebrate Diwali with just as much joy as the ones who have enough. Helping out someone in need would not only give pleasure to your soul but will also bring a smile on someone’s face. With the approaching winters, one can always donate warm clothes to the poor. There are many things we have in our wardrobe that no longer fit us and it is a good idea to clear out some of the mess and helping someone out at the same time.

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