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Aadhaar Card For Ravan? UIDAI’s Hilarious Response

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The Twitter handle for UIDAI, the statutory authority responsible for collecting the Aadhaar data, wishes everyone on the eve of Dussehra with an illustration of ten arrows piercing the ten heads of Raavan.

The tweet had many replies, ranging from calling the concept of Aadhaar the best to questions about application. However, one user, #DestroyTheAadhaar, tried to troll the system, asking for its take on issuing an Aadhaar card to the demon-king of Sri Lanka, asking how many Aadhaar cards would be issued to him, given that his 10 heads and 10 pairs of iris could mean 100 cards.

The social team behind the scenes of the UIDAI Twitter handle was quite witty to respond and its response left the internet surprised at the sense of humour and also in fits of laughter. The humour behind the response was unexpected from a government body. The reply, to the question asking how many Aadhaar cards would be issued to Raavan, was that Raavan was not eligible for the enrollment in the Aadhaar since he is not a resident of India.

This left everyone in fits of laughter. The response had more than 3500 retweets and more than 4000 likes.

Twitter users appreciated the team behind the scenes.

The user behind the handle #DestroyTheAadhaar seemed to have not gotten the burn. When another user asked about the issue of Gods and Goddess having multiple hands and therefore, multiple fingerprints, he was quick to jump at the opportunity again.

Other users were appreciative of the Aadhaar’s response.

One user, at last, had the sense to point out the irrelevance of the whole argument, pointing out that Raavan was a fictional character.

There were many users commenting on the fact that many Nepalese and Bangladeshi citizens had an Aadhaar card too. Another helpful Twitter user cleared that doubt too, pointing out that it is just a proof of identity and not of citizenship.


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