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Real React To Their Reel Versions On Saturday Night Live

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Ever thought of being mimicked by someone who does nothing but intimidates you with their imitation? This is what unfolds on the stage of the late night hit sketch comedy show, which goes something like LIVE FROM NEW YORK it’s, Saturday Night Live.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live is not only famous for stealing TRP’S of other telecasts but also due to its hilarious reiteration of trending news highlights.
The SNL: Weekend update is certainly going to be politically charged as usual.
• SNL Trump brothers are as comically inept as ever on ‘Weekend Update.’


1. Kate Mckinnon as Hillary Clinton


“Her really dramatic impersonation of me does make me think, oh my gosh, Did I roll my eyes? Lift my eyebrows? My laugh, which has been noticed since I was a little girl…hearty is the way is often described…I see the exaggerated version of it and I do sometimes think, well, maybe I should just sort of back off from that. But then I forget and go on and just be what I have always been.”

2. Kristen Wiig as Kathie Lee Gifford



“Everyone seems to enjoy it, but I don’t think it is that funny…Can’t she get another job? Go off and do something else?”

3. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin


“She thought it was quite funny”, Palin’s spokesperson told CBS News, “particularly because she once dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween.”

4. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer


“The first one was funny ”, Spicer told The Blast, adding that he would have liked to “share” McCarthy’s Emmy.

5. Kate McKinnon as Ellen DeGeneres


“I didn’t like it. I am just kidding-I am Ellen!” DeGeneres joked on her eponymous talk show. “I like everything!”

6. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump


“Just tried watching SNL-unwatchable!” Trump tweeted. “Totally Biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad.”

7. Zach Galifianakis as Jennifer Aniston


“I thought it was very funny. I have never been imitated before.”, Aniston told InStyle.

8. Larry David as Bernie Sanders


“I think we will use Larry at our next rally”, Sanders told This Week. “He does better than I do.”

For some it was a nightmare, for some comical, some took it as a badge of honor while others felt it was an utter insult, but it surely caught everyone’s attention!


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