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Baba – The Black Sheep Without Any Real Wool

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This entire Baba thing is becoming a very lucrative proposition – it elevates you to the stature of God, gives unconditional influence over socially & mentally weak followers, grants access to the powerful political circle and at the same makes you an owner of multi billion dollars worth of property & cash.

What else does any one want – Influence, Power, Position & Money !!

They all start with spiritual & religious gyaan because this is the easiest way to gain entry into masses and gain quick followership. Then with the help of some small time local political influencers and some well to do Bhakts, they start building the infrastructure – swanky ashrams, subsidized food, free stay !! This is what attracts the social & economic outcast person  – a sense of belongingness & better return for his money.

He gets both & then he brings in more of his kind and thus starts growing the Baba’s base of followers. All these followers swear their allegiance and their existence to these Baba’s and hence together they become one group or one block of voters. This is when the political nexus starts building up –appease one Baba and you get a huge block of voters in your favor. It is pure business play.

The Baba gets access to the political circle, gets various sanctions on land and other benefits, gets the patronage of the political leaders and, the political leaders in return get confirmed voters and at times free workers during elections. Perfect Partnership !!

With power, money has to flow in and suddenly these Baba’s become ambitious to setup their own business empire and thus business entities are formed and brand Baba is launched. And now it is all about Money & Power and a number of influencers. It is like You Tube, the more number of likes/views , the more money you make  & higher is your influence. Now religion/spiritualism is just one vertical in the entire “Game of Things” and the nexus of politics, religion & Money further deepens.

The three are a heady concoction for corruption and not many have the capacity to handle it. And within all this, Sex is not just about physical pleasures, it is about supremacy – it is about Baba being above everyone else and everyone else being subservient to him in entirety.

Baba’s are not born – they are made by the need of the society. They are made larger than life by people who are denied identity by the society and whom the government is also is not able to serve. They find their identity in these kinds of sects & therefore surrender unconditionally to the Godmen who give them their reason of existence in this world – they now come to be known as “ followers of XYZ sect”. Some even enjoy designations which other institutes were not ready to give.

With Rampal, Asaram, Ram Rahim, Nithyananda behind bars – will this stop? No, there are hundreds, maybe thousands , who are already operational and there are many who are in the pipeline. It is a disease and has to be eradicated like one, else the nexus of politics / reigion& money will continue to exploit millions and innocent girls will continue to suffer.

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