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Remembering Old Golden Days Will Keep You Alive!

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Birth is not a right because it is a biological process while the death is certain. The only question is, as to how you spend this long or short span of life between birth and death.

When a person lives a life of 70s, 80s, 90s and in rare cases 100 or 100 plus, we call it a long life and in the event of any incident, accident or become a victim of the chronic disease and says goodbye to this planet earth, it is called a short-life.

Looking back to our life, sometimes we would say that those were the best days of life!  Yes, it is when you have lost one of your closest relative or friend and you remember the days spent with him, you keep him alive.

The moment you go back to your gone days, you bear in mind lot of things.  You recollect a number of friends when you don’t get a sound sleep – despite putting off your bedroom light even the dim light – with whom you have spent day and time during your school time.  You don’t know where will be now but every scene of the time spent with them, moments enjoyed with them are flashed before you in a fraction of second and you would have definitely said – those were the days and feel the fragrance of those days.  I believe that feeling itself is a reality.

It is an admitted fact that friends are never old and we should live with them in the present, by calling them over the phone which definitely gives energy, strength to both the caller and listener.

I also hold well that those golden days cannot come back but one can spend the rest of life with the association of those memories in my mind.

Frankly speaking, it is always implausible, incredible and unbelievable and powerful is look back on their lives when you meet old friends and hear them, talk with them and refresh your memories, all have many common regrets based on false assumptions.  Keeping the words which I have read four decades back – We live only once and if we live right, once is enough – are best to share with your friends to motivate them to always right to enjoy the spice of your life. At the same time, take it granted that remembering the old golden days is to keep ‘your known and gone souls’ alive.

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