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Where On Earth Is A Woman Safe?

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A man has no existence on this planet earth without the women but how safe she is a big unanswered question now a day.  Merely celebrating International Women’s Day would not suffice, something practical has to be done by educating the women to be bold enough to face any challenge in life.

With the conviction of Dera Sacha Saud chief – Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh – to 20 years’ rigorous imprisonment, in two rape cases, calling it a rarest of the rare cases, breaching the trust of his gullible followers by assaulting them sexually has raised the big question as to where on earth is a woman safe?

India is said to be a place for spirituality which has produced so many saints, have number of religious institutions with daily religious discourses but still in this scientific era, since we see rape, abuse, and violence everywhere which makes the writing on the wall .very clear that ‘Hell or Heaven’ is on earth and not on any other planet.

But it is not understood on the one hand, female foeticide is on the higher side, people don’t to have female baby while he can’t live without a grown baby who becomes his wife.

If we go back to the history, there used to be no institution like marriage and women were at the mercy of head of the ‘kabeela’ – a group of people and later on a marriage was the way out to keep the woman safe in the custody of a particular man.

Solo moving even within your local city is not safe what to say of traveling in other metropolitan cities. I don’t think India is safe for women travelling alone.  However, Singapore is considered as one of the safest countries in Asia for female travelers.

Gone are the days when woman was confined to four walls only.  Now she holds various positions in the society, administration and politics as well.  She has become independent decision taking authority also.

Due to natural instinct of attraction of men towards women, they are not safe in the hands of their own known what to say of strangers. In the closet and nearest relations, ego, misunderstanding and extra marital relations are the major obstacles.

And it’s beyond ones expectations in the hands of strangers.  Similar is the status at the workplaces, hostels, paying guest houses etc.  Glamorous life style of the upper class and  limited resources at the level of middle class, the gap is too big to be filled in a normal course.

Keeping all these factors in mind that woman is not safe at any place; some concrete steps right at the root level has to be taken.

At the same time, the immoral people have no lasting love for the society and they are very opportunistic as they are concerned with the satisfaction of their physical desires. He gives importance to vested interests which are momentarily without bothering for its outcome.

Frankly speaking, to enjoy safe independence by women, there is a need of people of moral values, who are always in minority and the number of people with immoral values was far larger.

In an age we are living, it is very difficult to change the unregulated conscience of the people. At the same time, practically it would not be possible to put everyone in a single moral universe, but steps have to be taken to teach each one about the cause and consequences which could be measured on any scale to make the women safe on this planet earth which she is not at present in any part of the world.

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