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Arena Launch By Maruti Suzuki; Plans For Expansion In India

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One of the largest companies in India, with a market share of 47%, Maruti Suzuki is looking for expansion. The company launched a whole new personalised experience for its customers. They christened it ‘Maruti Suzuki Arena’. It is basically an upgrade to all Maruti Suzuki dealerships to provide a luxurious and premium experience to their customers. The upgrade is planned to be complete in all dealerships over the period of the next five years. This launch is in direct correlation with Maruti Suzuki’s plans to achieve a sale of 2 million by 2020.


The new Arenas would be filled with technology and personalised experiences that would attract the customers, particularly the youth. According to Maruti, three-quarters of all customers research on the internet before buying a car. Therefore, in order to provide a better experience, they have redone their website and made it more user-friendly. The showrooms would be integrated with large screens showing the products and salesmen accompanied with a tablet with a built-in application about the products to help better the experience of the sale. The Arena would also have a lounge and cafe. The entire Arena would have an underlying trendy blue colour and an Active Experience Terrace. There would be a separate personalisation zone for customers who wish to electronically add accessories to the cars for a better viewing. The whole concept is aimed to provide a better and warmer experience to all customers, with a special lookout on the do-it-yourself generation.


The target set by Maruti Suzuki is nearly 80 of its 1800 current showrooms to be converted into Arenas by 2018. The company also aims to expand the dealerships and have nearly 4000 showrooms by 2020. In the launch event, a statement was issued that mentioned that the concept of Arenas was well-accepted by the current dealers and it was only with their vote of acceptance that the project moved forward. The current network of Maruti Suzuki is larger than Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Tata Motors combined, with its four types of outlets now, Nexa, Commercial, Arena and True Value.

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