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Things Enterpreneurs Must Learn From Sarahah App Success

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There is no way you have not heard about Sarahah if you are living in this virtually connected world. It is one app that has taken the world by storm, every day one or other member of our circle is joining Sarahah application. For the uninitiated, it is an online application that let the users share anonymous feedbacks for one another. You can always share these feedbacks on social media and the number of people engaged with this business clearly indicates how viral it has gone so far.

The application has already made hype in less than 72 hours of its launch and has great customer base universally. The application, which has become such a success so fast, has many lessons to learn from the entrepreneurs across the globe.  Let us have a look on how Sarahah has taught some great lessons to entrepreneurs worldwide:

  • Human emotions are the best weapon to go viral:


The best way to make your product go viral is connecting it with the human emotions. If the customer develops an emotional connect with your product, he/she is most likely to use it for sure- if not forever then at least for once. The secret behind the success of Sarahah is that it let you collect good or bad feedbacks.

  • The best marketing strategy is- ‘word of mouth’:

  • Source

Sarahah became successful after it got enough publicity from one user to another. If we check out the trend, Sarahah was initially used by a group of people who got feedbacks about themselves. They then shared the feedback on their Facebook wall and soon others joined them. As this second group (technically referred as ‘late majority’) started using the same application it started a chain of publicity leading from one group to another.

The crux of the story is that you must first develop a product that is awesome and then let people use it and admire. After the first use, the people will surely appreciate the experience and thus your product will be promoted. The same strategy was used by Airbnb, Dropbox, Uber and some other companies.

The last but the most important lesson is that to embrace success, you must keep your products as simple to use as possible. The product must be so simple that even a person with no brains and a person with no skills can understand and use it.

If you get these points right, there are no doubts you will have the best foundation of your startup and rest you can build as per your skills.





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