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Trump Defends Alt-Right Group In Charlottesville

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Alt-Right started out as a small movement among millennials who were against issues like Feminism, Multiculturalism, Immigration and Political Correctness. They work outside mainstream politics and support white supremacy. The group wishes to preserve the Western Culture and serve the needs of the majority of white folk in the country. They work through online portals and social media chat boxes. The majority of the people in the group are college educated. Yet, they have resorted to primitive and racist ideology. Their mindset is reflective of the thinking of many new-Nazi groups.


In a press conference on Tuesday at the Trump Tower in New York City, Donald Trump left all Americans speechless, the press and public alike. He defended the alt-right group saying that they were not the only ones at fault and that the groups that came charging against the alt-right were also violent in their actions. Trump said that everyone was thinking the same but no one was ready to say it until he said it. When a reporter asked if Trump was considering the alt-left and the new-Nazis to be in the same boat together, he said that he condemned all sorts of violent groups and has done so in the past as well.

His statements caused an uproar amongst everyone and the celebrities were among the first to tweet about the press conference.

TV show host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted that he had not seen anything as crazy as the press conference since Tyson had bitten Holyfield.

Actor Josh Gad tweeted that America was on fire and Trump was the arsonist.

Writer JK Rowling posted that the truth about Trump had come out publicly and his supporters cannot deny what Trump really is.

Singer John Legend joked that one of the most transparent lies that Trump told in the press conference was that he likes to wait for the facts before making a statement.

Composer Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted that Trump should be impeached.

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