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Janam Ashtami/Independence Day Celebrations at Mayfair Society, Mohali, India

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India is a land of culture and festivals. This year, 15th August had double significance in India. On the one side, Indians celebrated their 70th Independence day and on the other side, it was Janam Ashtami, which is celebrated as a birth day of Lord Krishna.

So, Mayfair society held a cultural program where kids from the society danced to celebrate this double occasion. Celebrations started with a patriotic song sung by one of the residents and after that, girls danced on a patriotic song raising the patriotism in every onlooker.

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Then was a beautiful dance by little Radhas and notorious Kanha that made every body fall in love with these cute kids.

But the best was saved for the last. Lil Boys presented a beautiful dance on “India Walein”. Every body was clapping and enjoying seeing these cute and adorable kids dancing.

At the last, residents sung a National anthem and concluded the ceremony. All thanked and praised the organizers for their effort.

Residents Welfare organization have also organized a dinner for all fellow residents where every body enjoyed yummy dishes.

These type of celebrations are very important part of growing kids as they get aware of the significance of the occasion, which in turns helps them to grow up as responsible citizens. Also, these types of get-togethers make residents interact with each other, which is very difficult otherwise with the busy schedules we all have.

How do you people celebrated the double occasion, do share your photos or videos in comments.

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