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5 Facts About Human Body You Never Knew

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An amazing thing about the Human body is that it’s completely a complex organism on this earth. A human body has a highly organized structure which is made up of cells that work together to perform a specific function required for sustaining life. It is made up of billions of tiny structures of four types that are cells, tissues, organs and system which is one of the most complex components of human body.

There is a lot about the human body with which we are not aware of, here are the 5 amazing facts about human body.

1. Brain Fact

A brain which is the control system of our body and consumes a great portion of energy which is generated in human body. Do we know this? That brain is the only organ in body which has too many folds and if we spread them it can be a size of a pillow. The brain gains 90% of its size until the age of six. Our brain consists of neurons that are approximately 100 billion in number that means 15 times more than total human population.

2.Why Cracking Sound In Bones?


Do you know why there is a cracking sound in necks, knuckles, backs, and other joints when they are cracked? Actually, that is the sound of bubbles which are present in the joint’s fluid. Is it safe or harmful? No, but doing it often can injury the chords that are known as ligaments.

3. Fact About The Fat

Our body consists of fat which is classified into two i.e essential fat and storage fat. Do we know this? That seven miles of new blood vessels are introduced in the human body for every pound of fat gained. As for every new tissue blood supply is required so our vascular system enlarges to accommodate it and this also increases the work for a heart so that it can pump blood into the new vessels.

4. Is Our Stomach Strong Enough?

Stomach which is responsible for controlling the most of the digestive processes and work as a line of defense which protects our immune system. And do you know that the acid in our stomach is so strong that it can even dissolve zinc? And it does not affect our stomach because the walls of stomach constantly renew it. This is the reason how it easily breaks down the food we consume, but not our own stomach. 

5. Heat Produced By A Human Body

Can you imagine how much heat a human body evolves? In just thirty minutes a human body evolves so much of heat that it can boil a gallon of water. Any function which our body performs generates heat weather metabolizing food or exercise.

The above mentioned are just 5 amazing facts which you won’t be known till now but there is a lot more to know about the human body. If we stop for a while and try to analyze about what our body can do and how? you might just feel what a wonderful creation it is.

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